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  • The Principle Of The Subwoofer

    The internal power amplifier circuit divides the sound into several frequency segments through the frequency divider, the output of the middle and high frequency segments to the satellite speaker, and the output of the low frequency band to the subwoofer. The general subwoofer emits a low frequency sound of 20-200 Hz, when the energy is not very strong. People are hard to hear, and it is difficult to distinguish the direction of the sound source. Such low-frequency sound is transmitted through the inverted phase hole, and it resonates with the satellite speaker. The low-frequency speaker and the weak bass generated by the satellite speaker are combined. The satellite speaker will Re-enacting the horn to release the bass, so the bass effect is very shocking, and the feeling is from the satellite horn speaker. Here you should basically understand the principle of the horn, as to why the ultra-low horn and low-frequency resonant horn, It is necessary to understand with physical knowledge: satellites are weak basses that can be heard by people. Their waveform amplitude is small, that is, the energy is not large enough. When the ultra-low frequencies generated by the speakers overlap with them, they are caused by the inverted holes. The phase is the same, then the ultra-low frequency is loaded onto the waveform of the satellite bass, because the speaker has a very powerful work. After loading a sharp increase in energy that makes you feel very shocked. .

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  • The Basic principles of Sound

    Traditional sound combined with vibration sound, both the vibration sound of vibration sound, and the sound of traditional speakers.The medium mixing sound is mainly a combination of the principle of ...

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  • What is line array audio?

    Line array audio is a speaker system. Its technology and manufacturing have been in turmoil for many years and have been developing steadily. The situation has changed recently, and linear array speak...

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  • The role of stage sound

    1. Pay attention to ensure the intelligibility of the language when using stage audio.The most important point of stage audio in the performance of stage art is to ensure the clarity of the language s...

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  • Guangzhou International Audio exhibition

    3.2 Brand Pavilion Booth D16, we are waiting for you!3.2 Brand Pavilion D16 Kafu Audio BoothOnce the museum open, we attracted the attention of many professionals.Especially VR, AIpha and other perfor...

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  • Exhibition halls be upgraded

    CAF's Intelligent audio and video exhibition hall , KTV and bar exhibition halls all have been upgraded and completed.Welcome all new and previous customers to visit, guide and exchange during the 20...

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  • 3D Holographic hall of Yuanhe Mountain Residence

    The 3D holographic banquet hall of Yuanhe Mountain Residence in Qingdao, Shandong Province combines 'taste, vision, hearing, touch and smell'. When you taste the food, you can feel the shock of the pe...

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