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VS-808 Mini Active Line Array Speaker with competitive price

Product Model: VS-808 Mini Active Line Array Speaker
Use Parts: 500 PIECE
Supply Ability: 50000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Product ModelVS-808 Mini Active Line Array Speaker
Use Parts500 PIECE
Supply Ability50000 PIECE
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others
Coverage Hor.120°× Vert.16°
MAX SPL130dB (peak)
Frequency response20Hz~20KHz,(+ 0 / -0.25dB)


 VS-808 uses 8 3 ″ high-efficiency neodymium magnetic midrange speakers and 8 1 ″ direct-radiation neodymium magnetic tweeters; all units are selected from Italian Lavoce brand units, with high mid-frequency efficiency, sufficient energy, transparent sound and high-frequency clarity Bright.

VS-808 uses 600W Class D digital power amplifier, small size, high efficiency, light weight, built-in precision debugging DSP, to ensure that the system can not only output perfect sound effects in a safe and stable operating state, but also in a safe state of operation And remain undistorted. The maximum sound pressure level of a single speaker is 130dB, achieving a higher sound pressure level under the same volume.

The VS-808 uses a horn-free design and a symmetrical layout, so that the sound is naturally released without horn compression, and the far and near sound fields are evenly covered. The left and right sound effects are consistent, so that the listener feels more perfect high-fidelity sound quality. There is a lot of sound in the distance, but no noise in the near listening.

VS808 adopts active integrated design, selects Class D power amplifier / switching power supply, small size, high efficiency, light weight and built-in precision debugging DSP, to ensure that the system outputs perfect sound under safe and stable operation. At the same time, the power amplifier signal transfer has its own "ASR" technology to ensure the lossless connection and transmission of the infinite number of speakers.


Churches, conference rooms, theaters, theme parks, museums and hotels, etc. 


Product Model



MF 8 × 3 ″ neodymium magnetic unit

HF 8 × 1 ″ neodymium magnetic unit

with cooling module


Hor.120°× Vert.16°


130dB (peak)

Power amplifier

Class D,8Ω/2×300W

Frequency response 

20Hz~20KHz,(+ 0 / -0.25dB)

Signal processing

48kHz, 24-bit DSP processor, delay: input 120ms / output 20ms, filter, EQ, compressor, limiter


Input current limiter, short circuit protection, switch mute, DC fault protection, power limiter

Signal to noise ratio 


Damping coefficient

 > 300 (under 8Ω load and 400kHz)


< 0.05% (20Hz ~ 20kHz, 8Ω load, under 3dB condition)



Signal input / output

XLR 3- pin female line-level input

Power input / output

Neutrik PowerCon(Max: 15A)

power supply




Box material / paint

15mm selected multi-layer wood board, black polyurea paint

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