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VF-L18 line array bass speaker with waterproof configuration

Product Model : VF-L18
Frequency range(±3dB): 30HZ-300HZ
Rate Power(RMS) : 700W
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Product Model VF-L18
Frequency range(±3dB)30HZ-300HZ
Rate Power(RMS) 700W
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others


VF-L18 line array bass speaker with waterproof configuration

The VF-L18 is a subwoofer with a new form factor and a new surface finish. It consists of an 18-inch low frequency unit. The VF-L18 is made of sturdy multi-layered Finnish birch plywood. The new acoustic design is compact and exquisite. The VF-L18 speaker adopts the best inverting bass with the best sound quality, and the inverted tube is optimized to reduce the wind speed of the inverted tube to a certain extent, reducing the interference of wind and low frequency. Provides sound quality. The inside of the iron mesh adopts the method of waterproof net cotton, which can prevent the external rainwater from directly entering, and can play the role of preventing rain. The specially designed hardware connector and special hardware lifting frame not only can be easily connected with VF-110, but also the connection and disassembly of the hanger is also very convenient and quick. When the angle is adjusted, one can complete it. Especially for the performance of vocals: high sound pressure, clear, full and without losing weight, this is the sound quality of the VF-L18 and VR-110 systems.

The VF-L18 subwoofer brings new features to the VF-110 line array system, providing high SPL at a lower cost. This single 15-inch long-range woofer can be hoisted with the VF-110 line array module or stacked on the floor with the VF-110 cabinet.


Multi-purpose hall, church, small and medium-sized performances, theater, etc. 


Product Model 



LF:1 X 18’’ (460mm) 

Frequency range(±3dB) 


Voice coverage: 


Sensitivity (dB/1M/1W) 




Rate Power(RMS) 


MAX Power(PEAK) 




Product Size(HX W X D) 

610 X 534 X 703 mm 


47.5 KG 

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