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Passive line array speaker Bata-F12 China factory

Use Parts: 500 PIECE
Supply Ability: 10000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Product Model Bata-F12
Frequency range(±3dB) 55Hz~18KHz
Voice coverageHor.110°× Vert.10°
Sensitivity (dB/1M/1W) LF 102dB、MF 105dB、HF 113dB
Use Parts500 PIECE
Supply Ability10000 PIECE
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others


The Bata-F12 features a three-way design, two 12" low frequency drive units, a 10" intermediate frequency drive unit and two 3" high frequency drive units, and a 3" (75mm) treble mounting obstacle type acoustic lens waveguide. The mechanical components and acoustic design make the Bata-F12 a vertical column system with up to 24 suspensions and adjustable vertical coupling angles between 0° and 7°. Cylindrical waves form a very consistent coupling in a vertical plane. Since the neodymium low frequency driver uses a dipole arrangement, an excellent 110° horizontal constant divergence angle can control the lower limit to 55 Hz.
Bata-F12 uses all neodymium magnetic units to ensure high sensitivity, small size and light weight. The cabinet uses birch wood and environmentally friendly waterproof paint to make the Bata-F12 waterproof all-weather. The front panel of the speaker is made of rigid metal. The net is protected, the side panel and the rear panel are combined with four handles, and the rear panel is equipped with two WP8 interfaces.



Theaters, theaters, large indoor and outdoor performances, etc.


Product Model 



LF 2 x 12 inch (300mm) neodymium
MF 1×10 inch (250mm) neodymium
HF 2 x 3 inch (75 mm) neodymium

Frequency range(±3dB) 


Voice coverage: 

Hor.110°× Vert.10° 

Sensitivity (dB/1M/1W) 

LF 102dBMF 105dBHF 113dB


LLF 129dB (continuous) / 135dB (peak)
MF 130dB (continuous) / 136dB (peak)
HF 136dB (continuous) / 142dB (peak)

Rate Power(RMS) 

LF 2×500WMF 350WHF 200W 

MAX Power(PEAK) 

LF 2×2000WMF 1400WHF 800W 



Product Size(D*W*H) 



60.5 Kg 

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