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K3 Wireless Microphone manufacturer

Product model: K3 Wireless Microphone
Use Parts: 500 PIECE
Supply Ability: 50000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Product modelK3 Wireless Microphone
Use Parts500 PIECE
Supply Ability50000 PIECE
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others

K3 Wireless Microphone

Product description:

1. Highly integrated IC frequency control technology 

2. Central processor CPU processing circuit 

3.2 * 100 frequency point selection, infrared synchronization and LCD display 

4. Convenient management, microphone mute function can be freely switched, suitable for different occasions 

5. Receiver Operation keyboard intelligent lock function, effectively reduce misoperation


1.Frequency range: 640-690MHz

2.Total number of channels: 2 * 100 channels

3.Frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz

4.RF generation method: high-performance integrated IC

5.RF bandwidth: 30MHz

6.Signal-to-noise ratio:> 105dB (A-weighted peak value)

7.Dynamic range:> 100dB

8.Distortion: <1.0% @ 1kHz

9.Operating temperature: -18 ~ 50 degrees (Celsius)

10.Effective use distance:> 150 meters


1.Receiving method: high-performance integrated IC

2.Sensitivity:> -105dB / m (20dB signal to noise ratio)

3.Display mode: LED audio

4.Output mode: two mixed outputs / two balanced / unbalanced outputs


1.Radio frequency accuracy: ± 5ppm <10KHz

2.Nominal frequency deviation: 25KHz

3.Harmonics: <-45dB / m

4.Output power:> 10dB / m (RF port measurement)

5.Display mode: LED (handheld microphone)

6.Current consumption: <150mA @ 3V

7.Power supply: No. 5 battery (AA 1.5V × 2 cells)

8.Usage time:> 8 hours (related to battery)

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