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China passive line array speaker Alpha-F10 with reasonable price

Use Parts: 500 PIECE
Supply Ability: 10000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Product Model Alpha-F10
Frequency range(±3dB) LF: 70Hz--460Hz MF+HF: 200Hz--20Khz
Product Size(D*W*H) 470 x 780 x308 mm
Impedance LF:8Ω MF+HF:16Ω
Use Parts500 PIECE
Supply Ability10000 PIECE
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others


The five units operate simultaneously in a cabinet that is only 70 cm wide and 31 cm high. In the middle of the cabinet is the mid-range horn, driven by an 8-inch cone speaker. The mid-highs unit consists of two 1.4-inch compression drive units that push the newly developed 10 degree vertical coverage waveform to the same axis as the intermediate frequency unit. In the horizontal coverage angle, you can choose 80 degrees or 120 degrees. The mid-low frequency playback is handled by two 10-inch long-stroke woofer units. It is worth mentioning that the four cone speakers below 400 Hz are simultaneously powered to ensure a solid mid-low frequency and strong impact.

This means that the Alpha-F10 can even be as high as a larger dual 12-inch system. But to be a successful modern speaker system, it's not enough to have an impressive sound. It should also have simple, safe handling and quick setup and removal systems.

This is not a problem for Alpha-F10. Thanks to our newly developed 4-point integrated hoisting system, its innovative logarithmic angular adjustment mechanism ensures that the linear array has precise bending angles and projection angles, even for backcourts in large locations. The accuracy.

Whether you are crawling from the ground, lifting from the cabinet, mobile car, or stacking on the ground - a variety of installation methods can be achieved. Very easy, very safe and very fast. Each string array can connect up to 24 speakers and is compliant with the international BGV C1 standard.



Bars, mobile shows, theaters, multi-purpose halls, stadium, etc.



Product Model



LF: 2 X 10’’ (250mm)

MF: 1 X 8" (200mm)

HF: 2 X 2.5" (65mm)

Frequency range(±3dB)

LF: 70Hz--460Hz      MF+HF: 200Hz--20Khz

Voice coverage:

Vertical 10˚, Horizontal 80˚

Sensitivity (dB/1M/1W)

LF:100dB/1m/1W  MF+HF:110dB/1m/1W


LF:130dB/1m/1W  MF+HF:141dB/1m/1W

Rate Power(RMS)

LF:500W     MF+HF:360W


LF:2000W    MF+HF:1440W


LF:8Ω  MF+HF:16Ω

Product Size(D*W*H)

470 x 780 x308  mm


36.65 KG 

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