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Line array audio is a speaker system. Its technology and manufacturing have been in turmoil for many years and have been developing steadily. The situation has changed recently, and linear array speaker systems have appeared in many large-scale sports games and large-scale performances around the world.

Product introduction of line array audio

A linear array is a group of radiating elements arranged in a straight line and closely spaced, and have the same amplitude and phase.

Although it is arranged in a straight line, the coverage angle is different. The concept of linear arrays is not unique today. It was originally developed by H. F Olsen proposed. In 1957, Olson published the classic acoustic monograph "Acoustical Engineering" (Acoustical Engineering), discussing that linear arrays top quality VS-210 active line array speaker in China are particularly suitable for long-range acoustic radiation. This is because linear arrays can provide very good directivity of vertical coverage to achieve good acoustic results.

In the 1970s, the earliest linear array speaker systems appeared, but when fashion was imperfect. In the form of a "sound wall". Dozens or even hundreds of speakers are stacked horizontally and vertically to form a sound wall. When the power of 10,000 watts is turned on, it really shakes the mountain and has an extraordinary momentum. But people quickly discovered its shortcomings. Not only do they need too many speakers, but also the interference between speakers makes the sound quality worse, and the directivity and coverage are affected. At the European AES Conference in 1983, Philips introduced the concept of a Bessel function matrix using a simple weighting factor to solve this problem. However, to manufacture Bessel arrays, a license must be obtained from Philips and a corresponding price must be paid. It is interesting that companies using linear array loudspeakers are silent about Bessel arrays. The linear array speaker system used today has been fully improved, and it is not the same as the early days. It is also quite practical in structure. For example, dozens of boxes can be assembled, hung, and wired within one hour, and put into use immediately.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of linear array sound reinforcement systems are obvious.

(1) Due to the characteristics of the linear array, the directivity in the vertical plane of the main axis is a narrow beam, and the energy can be radiated from a long distance. The lower end of the curved part of the linear column covers the near area, forming a near-to-far coverage.

(2) The improvement of the linear array sound box is more in line with the requirements of technology, process and installation.

The middle high-frequency part is quite special. The outlets of two (JBL) or three (V) tweeters are connected together, fJ2j, which JBL calls a sound wave generator, and E-V calls a plane wave generator. According to the analysis with MAPP software, the directivity of the linear array becomes sharper with increasing frequency. When reaching a certain frequency, such as 2kHz, the directivity is radial, that is, the lobes appear in the directivity pattern. At this time, the sound wave generator composed of the tweeter works, and the high frequency directivity is superimposed and strengthened.

(3) The linear array cannot ignore mutual interference, and the linear array itself does not improve the sound quality.

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