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Traditional sound combined with vibration sound, both the vibration sound of vibration sound, and the sound of traditional speakers.

The medium mixing sound is mainly a combination of the principle of vibration sound technology of vibration sound and the sound principle of ordinary acoustic paper drum horns, and the two are combined; in fact, the medium resonance sound is still well understood. It combines the sound of traditional audio speakers, in general, it is a combination of traditional ordinary sound and vibration sound. The sound quality is clear, and the bass effect is more significant.

Vibration sound principle

However, the vibration sound that has only appeared in recent years uses the principle of sound from a vibrating medium. Generally, the bass effect is good, and the small size is also strange. It is estimated that many music enthusiasts will exclaim. Is this sound? !! !! However, vibrating sound also has its fatal flaws. The middle and high frequencies are insufficient or almost absent, and it leaves the medium (that is, the audio contact surface). Once it is away from the medium, the sound is almost gone. These are the issues we need to consider when buying a vibrating sound. If you can't do without the media, there will be some restrictions on the playing venue.

The principle of dielectric resonance mixed sound

Dielectric resonance mixed sound is just a combination of the two. The use of vibrating sound to transmit the vibration medium just solves the problem of insufficient bass and large volume of ordinary sound, and the sound of ordinary sound speakers is a good solution to vibration. There is no middle and treble sound, and it is inseparable from the defects of the vibration medium. It can be said that the medium resonance hybrid sound is still very good. It has found a balance between ordinary sound and vibration sound. The advantages are complementary. There are professional sound effects. Limitations such as "square" or "circle" are left to the designers to shape the world.

Dielectric resonance hybrid audio has a wide range of uses, and can be used with mobile phones, MP3-5, notebooks, desktop computers, game consoles, mobile DVD and other personal equipment, and home and personal amplifier equipment. Especially those equipped with lithium batteries can be used both indoors and outdoors. Like Pengyi audio, almost all of them are equipped with lithium batteries, and the length of single-time playback is more than 10 hours, so even if we use them outdoors It will not consume the power of the play

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